Ceramic Floor Tiles Offer Excellent Benefits to Windsor Homeowners

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Are Ceramic Floor Tiles Right for Windsor Homeowners?
Ceramic floor tiles continue to become more popular in Windsor as a direct result of the unique weather experienced in the region. The city is consistently among the most humid areas in all of Ontario and this can wreak havoc on other traditional building materials used for flooring.
Windsor residents can benefit greatly from the structural stability offered by ceramic floor tiles. Flooring materials such as hardwood can be susceptible to buckling and crowning. Wood flooring will naturally expand when moisture is present and contract when it is dry. It will also expand and contract as the temperature changes. Ceramic tiles do not change size regardless of moisture levels, humidity, or temperature. The composition of the clay used to create ceramic tiles makes them naturally highly resistant to the forces of humidity and moisture. These tiles are often glazed to make them virtually waterproof. This is why ceramic tiles are most often used in the rooms of the home where water is present such as the kitchen and bathroom.
What about Installation, Maintenance and Repair?
Homeowners in Windsor are becoming increasingly aware of all the benefits that ceramic and porcelain tiles offer. Ceramic tile is also one of the easiest types of flooring to install. Most homeowners with a basic knowledge of tools and a little patience can successfully install ceramic tiles in their own home. This can save considerable amounts of money in installation costs.
Maintenance for ceramic tiles is minimal. As long as they are properly installed, ceramic tiles will provide long lasting and durable beauty for many years to come. It is common for ceramic floors to last between 10-20 years making them an excellent investment. The glaze used for ceramic and porcelain tiles will provide scratch resistance and continue to look great, even in high traffic areas of the home.
In the rare event that a tile breaks or chips, the single tile can easily be removed and replaced with minimal disruption to the rest of the floor. This also saves significant costs as opposed to other flooring that may require an entire section be replaced.
Are Ceramics Considered Hygienic Flooring?
Families who are concerned about allergies will benefit greatly from ceramic flooring. Ceramic flooring is incredibly easy to clean; dirt, pollen and allergens are not attracted to the tiles. Any debris on the tiles can be quickly removed. The water resistance of the tiles will also prevent water damage and mold growth.
Glazed ceramic and porcelain flooring also offers a high level of stain resistance. Porous materials often absorb materials leading to stains with bacteria multiplying as a result. Ceramic tiles offer an extra level of protection against stains and bacteria.
Are Ceramic Floor Tiles Priced Reasonable?
Ceramic tiles are priced very affordably with the majority of ceramic and porcelain tiles being priced higher than carpet, but less than hardwood. Some of the more extravagant porcelain tiles can be higher priced, but there is a flooring tile available for almost every homeowner's budget. It is hard to beat the added long term value that ceramic tile flooring can bring to a home in comparison to the price.
Experience all of the benefits that ceramic floor tiles can bring to your home in Windsor; consult with a reputable ceramic and porcelain tile dealer today.